the floor of the forest

The Floor of the Forest


track listing:
  1. the beauty of women
  2. where the void is known
  3. movement of the earth
  4. the goodness of traitors
  5. hunter as soldier
  6. the snow
  7. floor of the forest
  8. friendship of an unprintable nature
  9. beloved
  10. the prospect becoming a man
jeffrey roden: electric bass
brandon labelle: drums
jennifer hardaway: vocals
steve roden : sounds, loops, and electronics
all music arranged and composed by: jeffrey roden
produced by: steve roden
engineered and mixed by: andrew bush
mastered by: william cook

track samples:
the snow:
floor of the forest:


Bradley Smith, Billboard Magazine: “First-rate collection of serious music. It is a great album.”

Robert Rich, Composer/Performer: “Unique and beautiful. Reminds me of the ‘Obscure’ releases of the seventies with pieces by Jan Steele and some John Cage piano pieces like ‘in a landscape’.”

Bart Plantenga, programmer, Other Side of Amsterdam radio: “One of the hardest things in making soft music is to keep it interesting and compelling. I think you do that here. Very beautiful and plaintive material that makes me think immediately of Durutti Clumn, Nick Drake or Arthur Russell. Highly recommended.”