seeds of happiness

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the music for the “seeds of happiness” was composed in 2005 as an effort to further the boundaries of the electric bass as a solo instrument in terms of style and setting in reliance upon the bass’s ability to convey thematic material and function in an austere and still environment. the work brings to the listener sound and silence at times in equal measure and without the restriction of tempo. its source is a reflection on the work of many masters and the void that faces us. its aim is beauty

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track listing:
part one

  1. on awakening
  2. stillness
  3. shimmering
  4. rift
  5. certainty
  6. a radiance
  7. clouds like choirs
  8. four vistas
  9. labor and breath
  10. forms, shapes, and silences
  11. will without reason
  12. revealed

part two

  1. forgiveness
  2. episode of beauty
  3. exultation
  4. night
  5. three notes of reverence
  6. devotion and dance
  7. the nature of solitude
  8. theme taken from a master
  9. emanations
  10. reflections of a small room
  11. the sacred nature of despair
  12. beginnings and afterwards
  13. invocation
  14. fulfillment
all music arranged and composed by: jeffrey roden
electric bass: jeffrey roden
recorded and mixed by: john “tokes” potoker
produced by: steve roden
mastered by: william cooke

track samples:
beginnings and afterwards:
a radiance: