songs for susan

songs for susan


track listing:
  1. sketch 4
  2. one thousand voices
  3. object of desire
  4. will you
  5. nina sleeping
  6. i remember you
  7. mistress of the moon
  8. smiles of angels
  9. a glimpse of you
  10. first chord
jeffrey roden: electric bass and synthesizers
steve roden: sounds, loops, and electronics
all music arranged and composed by: jeffrey roden
produced by: steve roden and andrew bush
engineered by: andrew bush
basic tracks by: george cacamise
mastered by: william cook

track samples:
sketch 4:
will you:


Liza Richardson, radio programmer, KCRW Los Angeles: “On ‘Mary Ann’s Dream’ and ‘Songs for Susan’, Jeffrey Roden creates an experience of sound and texture that is as vast as it is intimate. His warm nimble adventurous bass lines glide across a land of headphone delight. Ear candy while listening to a sonic painting.”

Richard Ellis, buyer, Aron’s Records Los Angeles: “Jeffrey Roden’s release ‘Songs for Susan’ exudes warmth, beauty, and an uncommon subtle intelligence.”

Bassics Magazine: “Very thematic in nature, “Song for Susan”, evokes haunting melodies through minimalist playing, with lots of open space.”

Pasadena Weekly: “Ambient meets Intellectual Jazz”