threads of a prayer volume II

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Solaire Records “Threads of a Prayer Volume II”

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Bandcamp “Threads of a Prayer Volume II”

“May 15th sees the release of Threads Of A Prayer Volume II. I am inadvertently going for the easy comparison with “Vol. I” by saying that the later edition is a far denser, shorter album – vol I stretched over two hours. Vol II seems like the destination intended after Vol. I’s search. Jeffrey Roden follows up the epic, 2-hour long first installment of the series – marking his debut as a composer after decades as a session musician, electro-jazz-experiments and solo bass music, that release presented an artist rooted in deeply felt spirituality and intimate sound worlds.

The monolithic dimensions of the album – with a piece like “twelve prayers” clocking in at just under three quarters of an hour – combined with the tender sound of a small cast of musicians, turned out to be challenging for some. For many, however, it proved to be a revelation. Volume 2 now takes the listener even deeper into Roden’s mind – towards a space he refers to as ‘the other place’.”

– Sigil of Brass

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